Posted by: Terry | January 20, 2009

Tea with God

A year or so ago I started the habit of begining each day by having tea with God. The mental picture evoked by a cup of tea in my hand and the image in my mind of God talking with me has made prayer and study so much more intimate.

This blog is a record of the thoughts and study that goes into The Class I teach each week, as well as observations and ideas about living with faith.

Discussion and prayer weclomed, confrontation is not the spirt of this site (Though I have been known to enjoy a good debate I am saving that for other venues).



  1. i like your tea with God thing. very cool. enjoying the posts on abraham – this is where i am reading in my bible in the moment so is always good to read other peoples thoughts and things! blessings, fireball

  2. thanks and welcome along for the ride

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