Posted by: Terry | May 15, 2009

God tested Abraham

Some time later God tested Abraham. (Gen. 22.1 NIV)

In Cricket they play international “test matches.” Teams from two countries play a series of 3 tests; each match takes up to 5 days to complete. The idea is to match one team against another to determine which team is the most proficient, to prove which team is the strongest.

A test in sports or academics is an opportunity to demonstrate progress and skill; it also reveals weakness and provides direction for further improvement. Serious performers in any field seek out “test matches” to measure how well they are doing and to give purpose to all of their training and study; preferably against a challenge that is a bit beyond their comfort level.

The life of faith is a series of tests; Abraham is about to be faced with the supreme challenge of his life. The challenge of leaving country, defeating five kings, of trusting God for Isaac, of sending Ishmael away all pale in light of what God is about to ask of him.

It is beyond understanding what it would be like to be in Abraham’s situation, we are made uncomfortable, even shocked at the request. Naturally some try to deny the account to avoid facing the issues. But Abraham did face the test, and was proven to have a level of faith that rightly bestows on him the title “the father of the faithful.”

My own reaction is to be humbled at the strength of his faith. His faith becomes a test of mine, and I realize that I am not in the same league at all. I struggle to trust God in situations that are insignificant when compared to what Abraham faced. When Jesus said “Oh, you of little faith” he was describing me.

The fears and worries that drive me to despair are so insignificant, thank you God for loving me in spite of them and teaching me daily to trust you more.



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