Posted by: Terry | July 28, 2009

Take a blessing walk around the house

For surely, O LORD, you bless the righteous; you surround them with your favor as with a shield. (Psalms 5:12 NIV)

Our walls are covered with pictures and paintings, most of which remind me of the blessings and places I have been.

There is a pen-and-ink watercolor that we got in Orange, France; an Aboriginal bone painting of kangaroos that I found in Darwin, Australia. At the end of the hall hangs an original Macedo, the only still life he claims to have ever done, we got it years ago in Lahina, Hawaii. We have been so fortunate to see so much of this beautiful creation, we are blessed.

There is a painting of a canoe on a mountain lake that Tricia gave me one year; it reminds me of how well she knows me and how considerate she is. Some of the pictures remind me of times I have spent with my family at special places.

We have a wall over the stairwell that has art and photographs that have been done by us. Tricia takes beautiful photos, a shop in Lourmarin, France, Whiskers – one of the best cats ever. There is a pen-and-ink watercolor I did of her on the beach 22 years ago when we were on our honeymoon in Ixtapa, Mexico.

Another photo that Tricia took is of Chambord Castle with Alexis sitting in the grass, our daughter has been a real blessing and a great traveler.

Reminders of the blessings of God are all around, go on a prayer walk through your house, thanking God as you recall some of what he has done for you. I have met people who tell me they have nothing to be thankful for, what a pity, the walls themselves and the ability to see them are a place to start.



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