Posted by: Terry | October 16, 2009

Life is hard, for most

There are so many people who live lives of “silent desperation.” We really do not know what is behind the face and in the heart of the people we meet. One thing that has impressed me as a seminar speaker is how many people are carrying a heavy load.

I am also frustrated at how little we can or attempt to do to help. The real hurts are not solved by systems and programs, though they may ease some of the pain and free people to face and cope. The real pain in life comes from relationships and inner frustrations and fears. Those are also the hardest to change.

Nothing has changed in 2000 years, the world still needs the message, “Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden  and I will give you rest.”



  1. Yes, yes, yes. I totally agree. As I grow older I am becoming more aware of burdens that many of my friends are bearing. I’m so frustrated over what to do, other than simply pray. I guess that’s about all I need to do.

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