Posted by: Terry | November 6, 2009

Thoughts after thunder and lightening

“Stormy wind fulfilling his word!” Psalm 148.8 ESV

The gusty November wind blew all evening, golden leaves erratically flying to the ground.  At 11:35 a brilliant flash announced the wind’s gift of thunder  and lightening. The cat was nervous, the house awake. God’s “stormy wind” had our attention.

The storms of life wake us up, startled, even concerned. Then if we know God aright, we calmly roll over, pull the warm blankets up snuggly and go back to sleep.

There have been other storms, God sheltered us and led us through them, he will do so again. With each storm we grow closer to God, he fulfills his promise to make us like his Son. With each tempest we learn that the winds can not harm as long as we stay  safely in the palm of his hand.

Oh that we could grow to see each new storm as a reminder of God’s love and providence; he is fulfilling his word.

It is morning now, the thunder is gone. Outside the swaying trees give evidence that the wind is still there. Inside it is safe and warm, there is tea and biscuits. The electrical light show of last night only a memory, a reminder that God allows the storms to fulfill his word, and provides safe haven as he works.



  1. Beautiful, Terry. You should consider writing another book.

  2. What a great reminder of the power of God. A wonderful way to start the day with the cup of tea I am having/

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