Posted by: Terry | November 21, 2009

I don’t understand?

Found this great piece —

“You say, “I do not understand why God let my dear one be taken. I do not understand why affliction has been permitted to smite me. I do not understand the devious paths by which the Lord is leading me. i do not understand why plans and purposes that seemed good to my eyes should be baffled. I do not understand why blessings I so much need are so long delayed.”

Friend, you do not have to understand all God’s ways with you. God does not expect you to understand them. you do not expect your child to understand, only believe. Some day you will see the glory of God in the things which you do not understand. – J. H. McConkey



  1. Why does believing God seem so difficult at times? It should be the simplest and most easy response yet that doesnt enter into our brains first thing, well mine at least. I always need to ask myself “What is the truth?” Not my feelings or what I might think or want, but what is true and certain. The one constant has been God, He has been faithful. Have I always gotten what I’ve asked for or wanted, no, have I been frustrated and confused by my circumstances and experiences, yes, definitely. I have to, I MUST believe in God’s love for me. Without THAT belief I am nothing. I am a mere shell of flesh and bone. I must actively seek to deepen my relationship with My Father. As that deepens, my belief in Him grows and it reinforces everything I believe in as true. Your class has been a great catalyst in deepening my relationship. Abiding in Him is foundational and esscential for my daily existence. I believe I have a purpose in this life, I dont necessarily know what that is, but I know that is truth. As I abide in Him, I know I’m in His will, and know that EVERYTHING that happens to me was created to glorify Him, as that is the purpose of being created in the first place. I need to ask myself, is my reaction/response to whatever is going on in me and around me, going to glorify my God?


  2. thanks Sandra for the personal thoughts, we do make it harder than it is I am sure, your observations are right on.

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