Posted by: Terry | October 21, 2010

House cleaning is never easy

It is a time of transition at the church we have attended for some 12 years. We are now in our 5th transition from one pastor to a new one yet to be determined. Each transition has brought change, each has been more difficult than the prior one.

God is jealous of his Church as a whole as well as of each local gathering of believers. In Revelation Jesus dictated letters to seven churches, most of which were warned to make corrections or be removed. God’s church universal is eternal, local bodies have no such warranty.

In John 2 Jesus confronts those who had turned the temple into a profit center, a system of their own creation and for their own benefit. He told them that he was going to replace that temple, He would become the location of worship and he would build a new people to worship him. (1 Peter)

God works with a local church just as he does with individual believers, his goal is to conform them to a body that glorifies God and proclaims the message of Christ crucified, while doing works of service. He moves people in and out; some are needed elsewhere while some are a hindrance to the local body. He confronts others to change. He raises up voices of wisdom and truth, he silences voices of dissention.  He allows finance and persecution to test the faith of the body of believers.

Some churches never get it, they fail to listen, make changes, or repent of the past. They never humble themselves before God, as such they miss out on the blessings of God or become so ineffectual that God removes them or neutralizes their mission.

When a church is experiencing stressful times in is easy to miss the fact that God is working, egos flare and conflicts are frequent. Yet the struggle is similar to what each of us as believers experience when God works in our individual lives to mold us into the image of Christ. In the end it is a question of mindset, “For to set the mind on the flesh is death, but to set the mind on the Spirit is is life and peace.” Romans 8.6

So that is the issue: Do the issues of life drive us, as individuals or as a church, to a mind set on the Spirit or on the flesh? Do we have life and peace in our future, or do we lose our mission and voice?


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