Posted by: Terry | October 24, 2010

Time for a break

For the last 13 years I could be found most every Sunday morning teaching a class of great people. Today I will announce that I am taking a break.

As with most things there are varied influences on the decision to step aside for a bit, but after a number of weeks of the agonizing that goes along with such things, the consulting with a few close friends, and the times of tea with God I am at peace over the decision.

What now? Well that is in God’s hands as it should be. Some time to refresh and reflect. Each week took a minimum of 10 hours to prepare, rule one of teaching is that the teacher must know that which he is to teach, and allow time for the Sprit to work it into your heart first.

There are some writing ideas floating around in my mind, two of particular interest

  • Lessons from some bad boys in the Bible
  • Thoughts and lessons from 1 and 2 Peter

God does not give gifts that he does not plan nor expect us to use so I am sure I will be teaching again, at Aurora, or some other place that he has planned. The idea of starting a small Gathering still goes through my mind from time to time. But the next step is God’s call not mine.

As I write this the deed has not yet been done – the reading of the letter telling folks what is to happen, yet I am at peace and calm, a good sign that it is right. We have a good God, and if I have learned anything in these years with him it is that he knows best, and gives the best, praise God.



  1. Decisions are not always easy to make. I know that God has a plan for you and that you have not made this decision without praying and waiting for His guidance. I have known for a long time that you should write another book. You are an inspiration to all of us, especially to me your Mother.

  2. Terry, I know that decision did not come easily for you. For what it’s worth – I always felt such a connection to my life from your lessons. My prayers are with you as God determines your next step.

    • Thanks Nancy, I always liked it when you were there. Still would love it if you rejoined our Saturday Gathering

  3. Your letter to us this morning was somewhat of a shock to us but, like I mentioned to you in church, I understand. Some of my friends and I have talked about how hard it must be for you to prepare and teach our class every Sunday with the busy schedule you’ve been keeping. After Kent resigned, it seems like the old spirit of Aurora kind of drifted away from its true purpose of being. I’m really excited to see what our Precious Lord has in mind for Aurora in the future. I know it’s going to be good. Like Pastor Tim said this morning, we need to acknowledge the presence of the Holy Spirit and allow God to work through us with His help. You alread have been told by many how much we love you and Trisha. Hope that you will stick around for a little longer. – Warren

    • Thanks Warren, it was never a burden always the most important thing in my life, that is why it was so hard to leave.

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