Posted by: Terry | October 27, 2010

No surprises!

1 Peter 1.2 Your salvation was no surprise to God. He foreknew that there would be a remnant of the faithful, he knew that they would be in exile on this earth, knew who they would be. The calling and keeping of the faithful is what the history of God’s working is all about. “God so loved that he gave…” He provided the means to accomplish that which he foreknew.

Because of the foreknowledge of God the Father the Spirit sanctified – to set apart for a purpose- the faithful who are now in exile, for the purpose of obedience and justification which comes through the application of the blood of Christ.

This is an amazing passage, the work of the Trinity in bringing together a chosen group to sojourn in this fallen world is explained in simple yet profound terms. What comfort we exiles can take knowing that we were in God’s mind, he set us apart for a purpose, and we have been made right before him. Our logical and only obligation is obedience in faith and action.



  1. I Like your use of the wording”acording to the forknowledgeof god” I heartly agree.

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