Posted by: Terry | October 28, 2010

Grace and truth

May grace and peace be multiplied… How our relationships would improve if before we spoke to each other we were careful that what we are planning to say would be clothed in grace and peace.

Grace was a common Greek greeting, peace the Jewish greeting. Both Paul and Peter used them in their letters, and we can infer that they became the common greeting between believers. Christians expanded the meaning of the words so that they became pregnant expressions of all that one believer should desire for another.

Grace includes all of the blessings and work that we enjoy because of God’s love and mercy. Peace sends wishes for a life free from strife and in harmony with God and other people. Grace and peace reach to the deepest needs and longings of each person.

Peter not only sends his wish for grace and peace, but that it would be multiplied, abundant, growing. His desire for the believers is a dynamic, flourishing life.

What a difference from how we greet people, “How ya’ doing?” We check up, Peter blessed. Before he got into why he was writing he blessed them, he sent a prayer for their well being. A little thing perhaps, but a caring attitude should precede all of our interactions with the people we love, what a difference pausing for a moment before we speak to remind ourselves of that would make. We need more grace and truth, in attitude and in action.


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