Posted by: Terry | February 24, 2011

What you see is what He is

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. (John 1.1)

"What you see is what you get." People say this to tell us how open and straight- forward they are. In reality we never see the real person. Behind the person that people see there is the real person, their essence. The Greek’s used the term logos, a word with broad meaning that included the intimate expression of a persons thoughts and desires, what we would call "essence."

"In the beginning was the word (logos). "The logos, that embodiment of wisdom, truth, personhood, was there when the world was made. It is the essence of who God is, more than some eternal force there is personality, logos. Logos is that deep inner person and message that is the essence of God.

John in chapter one addresses the logos as having personality – "with God," and involved in creation. In fact he says that the "word (logos) was God." The word is what makes God a person not just a force.

He then explains that this essence of God is what gives life to people and is the light which makes humans human. Though the world has tried to suppress the person of God and the wonder of what it means to be truly human, created in God’s image, they have not succeeded.

John goes on to explain that this word, logos, essence of God actually became a human to reveal the true heart of God. In Jesus, the promised one, the Messiah (Christ), was God. Because he was with God, is God, the means of creation, he can reveal to us what we could never know or experience without his coming.

Jesus was not a good teacher who did Godly things. He was, and is, the logos, the exact expression of the essence of God’s inner self. He came to show us God by showing us himself. When we learn of Jesus we know God.


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