Posted by: Terry | June 2, 2011

Jesus Wept

Jesus wept. Then the Jews said, "See how he loved him!"
(Joh 11:35-36 NIV)

Twice is it recorded that Jesus wept, I am sure there were other times but these two tell us much about him.

He wept when he saw his friend’s grief over the death of Lazarus. He wept for the pain that death brought. Jesus hated death, it represented the enemy, it is the ultimate reminder of the price of sin. To abolish death and all it represented was why he came to earth, why he died.

He wept again as he approached Jerusalem for the final time. He knew his destiny, he made it clear that his crucifixion was near. Yet these were not tears of fear, he was in anguish over the coming destruction of Jerusalem because they were rejecting him as the promised Messiah. (Luke 19.41-44)

These may be the only two records we have, but they teach so much. The pain of those we love, and the grief of those we love that reject the Savior’s offer of grace, peace and eternal life should move us all to tears.

I m convinced that it is harder to watch someone you love struggle with life and all it delivers than it is to face it yourself. Jesus felt the pain of those grieving even though he knew that shortly he would turn their heartbreak into joy. We pray and offer comfort, wishing there was more we could do.

Often while having tea with God I visualize that I am placing my wife, my children, parents, onto the lap of God. Not knowing how to pray, grieving over what they are going through, my prayer becomes, “Father, you love them more than I do, so here, you take care of them.” There is great comfort in knowing that he is responsible, not me, he can handle it, I can’t. 



  1. So true, Terry. One of my daughters is having some relational problems that no one other than God can correct. Praise Him, she’s finally learned to give it all to Him.

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