Posted by: Terry | June 13, 2011

A prayer for a man

Here is a man who I believe loves You.

Here is a man that is agonizing beyond what I can conceive

Here is a man who I believe has struggled against the evil that lurks inside to bring him ruin

Here is a man who is where, but for the grace of God, I would be too.

Here is a man that I cannot condemn because I do believe in your eyes he is not condemned.

Father I do not believe that these sins were committed lightly

I know that he has grieved

He has tried to resist and failed

He has promised to end it all, yet succumbed

“Why?” is the question that pesters the soul.

“Why Lord did I fail again?”

“Why do I not experience victory?”

“Why did I ever make the first move?’

Oh, Father, how is it that in our heart we want so to do what is right, to follow you, to be pure. Yet in practice all of our resolve vaporizes with the heat of the moment.

Father how I hate Satan, the deceiver, the prowling lion. How I hate that he devours those that do want to serve, that he exploits our slightest weakness, exaggerating it to our own defeat.

Father I know that you are sovereign and full of love and mercy. That all will work to your glory.

I know that you, Father, love this man, have died for this man, have forgiven this man, and will heal this man.

Father I pray that this attack by the evil one will be seen for what it is. It is the cowardly work of Satan to destroy the good works of one of your children. I take refuge in the fact that you will judge, have judged Satan and all his evil works, and that he will suffer in eternity for this damage he has tried to cause.

Father my prayer is that the wonderful work of this man for you will not be shattered because of his frailty as a man. That you will shield those who he touched, help them to see beyond the present darkness to the light of your Son; that they will see that you and what this man stood for are bigger than the temporal weakness that we all struggle against.

This one has I am sure begged forgiveness from you and from many others, you have promised to forgive, may those in his life forgive as well.

Father, I never knew this man well, but as a man I feel his pain and his struggle. Grant him the peace of your love. Grant those who are hurt the peace of your love, and grant them all reconciliation not condemnation. Healing Lord as only you can.

Father, I place this one in your lap of love, along with those who must go on. For it is only there that we will make the sense of it all and find the grace and peace we so desperately need.



  1. I love this. A lot

  2. I should print this out and hang in on my ‘fridg.

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