Posted by: Terry | June 15, 2011

Relevance in a real world

As I write this the 21 year old daughter of a friend is fighting for her life after surgery to remove an infection that is the result of her battle with cancer. Another friend is coping with the disappointment and pain of watching one of his friends life fall apart. The church I attend is searching for a pastor.

Another friend has had a good diagnosis regarding her possible cancer. We got an unexpected financial blessing and my business is going well.

God is relevant, he is there for the joy and for the pain. He is there for the comfort and for the wisdom. He is there when I am alone in a hotel room or teaching The Class. Christianity is the only logical explanation and the only relevant choice for the world we live in. Francis Schaeffer said that the reason to be a Christian is that nothing else makes sense, and that what the Bible teaches is the only message that meets reality.

The wonder of it all is that when we come to believe that, and then act on it we end up with an assurance that there is no other way, how could we have ever questioned it. The Bible says that this is the Spirit of God testifying with our spirit that this is true.

But I also find myself thinking of how much we do in the name of Church is frivolous. The programs we have that are more entertainment than substance, the arguments we have over material, earthly matters. What we all need most in this world is foundational truth for guidance along with substantive relationships to get us through.

Our guide for life and church is found in 1 Corinthians 10.31-33

  • Does it glorify God
  • Does it cause others to stumble or bring them to God
  • Is it for my own gain or does it take others into account.

Because when all is said and done the real issues of life need what only God can provide.


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