Posted by: Terry | June 20, 2011

Tea on the Monday after Father’s Day

First cup of tea

I read John 7-11. Will talk about the death and resurrection of Lazarus this week. Am overwhelmed as how John points out that Jesus is from God, we need to believe, but most don’t. He points this out over and over and over.

Second cup of tea

Talking to the Father this day after Father’s Day. Niki gave me a card that was so touching, she will always be my girl and I her daddy. That got me to thinking about my kids and life.

What I realized is that all of the really good parts of my life have to do with God. The best part of my youth was the youth group at Milwaukie First Baptist. It was there I made my first commitment to follow Christ, and met my lifelong friend Tim.

The summers I spent counseling at Moody Church Camp and then at Lake Samamish Bible Camp, the churches where I served as youth pastor and leader were some of the best of times.

When I met Tricia the times we spent reading the Bible in front of the fireplace will always stand out as God brought me back from a “Moses in the wilderness” time. Just bringing Tricia into my life was God, and I can’t imagine what life would be like without her.

The years I have spent teaching The Class at Aurora, and the friends and times from that relationship are the most important in my life now.

Yes Father, the positive times I remember most are all somehow painted over with You. The times I ignore, or try to forget are ones that I left you out of.

Thank you for always being there and for never giving up on me, for helping me through my frailties, and lifting me up when I get down. Thank you for so many special people in my life, and all of the blessings you bring. Thank you for loving me, Thank you for being my Father.



  1. Lake Smamaish Bible Camp. Joy was a cook at that camp while I was courting her in 1960. Oh, the memories. I enjoyed your blog.

    • Wow, I was there in 1970

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