Posted by: Terry | June 28, 2011

I will repay you for the years

"I will repay you for the years the locusts have eaten…” (Joel 2.25)

There is great comfort in knowing that God is just and gracious; rare in humans, but the very nature of God.

When our own actions bring desert times, times of frustration, even wrong. God leads us back, at times with some hard lessons to learn along the way as any good parent will do, then he repays. The amazing thing is that the worst times of my life were times I ignored and rebelled against God, yet when I turned to him he welcomed me back and started blessing all over.

God wants us to succeed and be blessed. He never tests those that are not believers, he tests us to show us that we do have faith, that we can trust him, that he is still the source of our strength and our provider. The promise is that there will be blessings in the future.

Pastor Kent Conrad once said, “Jesus never said following him would be easy, he did say it would be worth it.”



  1. How totally true. How come it takes us so long to realize this marvelous fact?

  2. How come we so often see negative in the God that loves us?

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