Posted by: Terry | June 29, 2011

The embarrassment of God’s justice

We cry for justice in the land, yet are uncomfortable with the justice of God. We advocate for the oppressed and pronounce judgment on the oppressors, yet when we read of God doing the same thing some declare him unfair.

Frequently the prophets of old proclaimed God’s message that justice would come because of the evil of the people. For that they were persecuted, and we are uncomfortable reading their message today.

Where does our concept of justice come from if not from God? By what standard do we say, “That’s not right.” “They can’t do that”. “There ought to be a law.” Even those who do not profess to be followers of God share many of the basic ideas of right and wrong that come from God.

Amos wrote repeatedly, “For three sins of… even for four, I will not relent.” I would guess that few people have that underlined, or have memorized that verse. We prefer the more friendly, feel-good passages. Yet without confidence in God’s justice his grace and mercy would be empty concepts. Without the reality that all actions will be judged by the only unbiased judge, and the sad fact that all will be found wanting when they are judged, what need would there be for mercy and grace? What kind of person ignores wrong? What kind of God would he be if he ignored wrong?

Christ came so that God could be “just and the one who justifies (pronounces a person without sin) those who have faith in him.” (Romans 3.26)

With all of the wrong and evil in the world we should gain comfort as we read the prophets of old that God will make all things right one day, that in the midst of all the wrong in the world God offers peace, hope and forgiveness to those who place their faith in Christ, the one who took on himself the penalty that we all deserve so that God can pronounce us righteous, while maintaining his own righteousness.



  1. And how will He accomplish making all things right one day?

    • Well, he will end Satans reign, bring all to judgement, create new heaven and earth, and we who believe with spend eternity with him.

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