Posted by: Terry | May 22, 2012

Teach me to pray

Reflection again leads me  to the conclusion that the  barrier to my growth in  knowing God is prayer, the lack thereof. My first prayer then must  be” Lord, teach me to pray”  I have enough theology of   prayer, what I desire is the  experience of prayer.

 Psalm 4 “Have mercy on me and hear my prayer”
It is only by the mercy of God that we can pray and expect to be heard. We are told that we can approach the throne boldly, yet never let us forget the price Christ paid for that privilege.
God is under no obligation to hear our prayer, yet we are told he does, he listens and we have the assurance that be responds. Every instance of prayer should remind us of Gods mercy. We should be in awe that we can talk with the creator of the universe.
Is this not implied in the opening line of the Lords Prayer? “Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name.” Boldness never implies casualness, we are in the presence of the King!

The practice of multiple prayers  bothers me. Does God really take  into account the size of our  network! If I can get enough people  praying does it change his mind? If I have more people praying for
sun than the other person has praying for rain, who wins?  Agreement in prayer is more  about safeguarding that we are praying for Gods will and glory, not just personal desire.  It also creates a unity of fellowship and support in times of need.



  1. Such good insights into the reasons we pray. We don’t always get our prayers answered the way we want , but He answers is the way that is best for us, whether it is yes, no, or later.

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