Posted by: Terry | May 24, 2012

Prayer: It is all about Him

David was more grateful to just be in communion with God than he was in having his requests answered. In fact it is striking how few requests we see in the prayers of the Bible. His prayers were for protection and strength through trials, for faith that God would work things out (without him telling God how), and for intimacy with God. Every Psalm has the worship of God as a key component, not just for what God did for the writer, but for who God is.

When Jesus prayed his central theme was that God was glorified, this was more important than any healing or miracle. In our model prayer, the “Lord’s Prayer”, the first half is recognizing the majesty and working of God while aligning ourselves with his person and plans. The requests are for necessities, forgiveness for sin, relationships with others, and avoiding evil.

In the grand scope of things are not these the most important? Do they not make some of the items on our prayer lists fade a bit? Is winning the sporting event or a sunny day for a picnic really that big in the scope of eternity?

Father, as so often is the case my priorities get all out of order, help me to see that prayer is first and foremost a time to glorify you, then it is to get myself in right alignment with you and what you want. The rest will all fall into place.


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