Posted by: Terry | October 25, 2012

Go, settle, camp – How do you follow God?

Do you follow God on a trial basis? Checking out his direction to see if it will work out before committing?

Not so with Abraham,

By Faith Abraham, when called… went… made his home… lived in tents (Hebrews 11)

He left it all behind even though he did not know where he was going, he changed his address, had his mail forwarded, turned off the utilities in Haran. He cut the ties, packed up, and moved. When he got to Canaan he called it home, made a life, found contentment there.

Yet he lived in tents,

For he was looking forward to the city… whose architect and builder is God.

He knew his journey was not over, yet he lived in the present with an eye on the future, ready to pack and move when God called. We never experience what God has for us today by trying to live in the past. The present will prevent us from embracing all God has for us tomorrow if we become too settled in the present.

God, where do you want me to go next? Help me find and enjoy contentment today? What prevents me from being ready when you present the next journey to take? Help me today to “Forget those things which are behind.. and to press on toward your calling.”


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