Posted by: Terry | October 31, 2012

Some thoughts on what is important

It is not our laws that are aborting babies, abortion is an individual choice. The availability of birth control does not force a person to use birth control, that is a choice each person makes. Laws that allow same-sex unions do not cause same-sex relationships.

There have been abortions, birth control, and same-sex relationships throughout history. Societies acceptance or rejection of them has ebbed and flowed over time. Yet they remain, and they will remain regardless of our laws and protests. History is clear that laws do not change behaviors, at best they modify and restrain.

A weakness of the church is it’s attempt to impose Biblical morality on a world that is apathetic or even hostile to it by means of legislation. Yet the Bible itself states clearly that these are issues of the heart, and will not be changed by more religion or more laws. 

Legality in law is not the same as approval of the action. Divorce is legal, yet that does not make it right. And there is little chance of it being a target of the Religious extremests because it is as prevalent in the church as it is outside the church. 

Our admonition is to bring people to the Messiah, to Jesus. He is our example and our message. His self-sacrificial reaching out to those in need changed lives and ultimately changed the world. The leaders were frustrated that he built his kingdom one heart and soul at a time, the leaders wanted him to “establish a kingdom.”

A few years ago Bob Briner wrote “Deadly Detours.” He pointed out how political issues even for good causes can divert us from the priority of proclaiming Christ. His message is just as relevant today.

Will outlawing abortion, same-sex marriage, and insurance-provided birth control bring more people to Christ? When Christians make these issues synonymous with what it means to be a Christian do they proclaim the message and love of Jesus the Messiah – or do they drive people even further away? As Christians we have never been given the responsibility to change society, we have been given the task of spreading the message that “God so loved the world that he gave his only son.”



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