Posted by: Terry | January 19, 2013

I need the God of vengeance

Today I do not want a God of love, I know he loves me, he is merciful, he forgives, he purifies, his son is my advocate. But today I want a God of vengeance, power, and might. I want a God who is “mighty to save.” I want God who never forsakes and because of his love for me takes vengeance on my oppressor. 

How can I cast off the sin that entangles, when sin is persistent in its pursuit. I am as a deer stalked, chased, and knocked down by the lion. I need a rescuer. I need one stronger than myself, I need to be saved. 

“Who can free me?” Only the one who has defeated the enemy who so greedily sets his sights on my weaknesses. All my struggles only strengthen the cords, my futile attempts to overthrow the evil one only reenforce the failures.

My guilt is minimized, overtaken by anger and frustration; rage at the one who devises plans for my failure. The victim is tired of being victimized.

Father I pray that as you destroyed Babylon, that icon of evil, that you will destroy the one who seeks my destruction. I love you Lord for the new covenant you made, but I want you to rise as you did under the Old one, and as you will one day in the future, and bring victory today; defeat the evils that haunt me, for your glory. 

Father you said that you yourself would help me, I am tired of failing because of my half hearted attempts, I can not defeat the enemy, I have little strength to resist, at times even no desire to fight. I need your help, your strength, I need you to fight it for me. I can not do it. I am tired of being the victim instead of the victor.



  1. Just what I ned to remember every minute of every day. Thank you for using the guidance and wisdom God has given you

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