Posted by: Terry | May 1, 2013

Love is the result, not the means

True love is unnatural because it is contrary to our innate desire to put “Me” first. Love that is stirred by emotional or physical  satisfaction is actually self-centered. To care for another because of the satisfaction I get misses the point as well.

True, eternal love seeks the good of the other regardless of the return to the lover. This kind of love does produce  joy in the lover, yet joy is not the end. Our model of love is God sending Christ, who set aside his position, and gave to those who had nothing to give back, and could give nothing back.

The love the world needs to see is love that comes from a heart that follows Jesus, and he said that meant to daily put our own needs and wants to death so we could follow him; this takes a changed, new heart, that he gives. We cannot generate such a heart by simple determination.

Our world desperately needs less selfishness, more true love. Leo Buscaglia  encouraged people to love, his was a wonderful and needed message. Yet woven in his works is the subtle message that we love others so we can find peace and love for ourselves.

Brennan Manning reminded us that God loves unconditionally, another message that we desperately need to hear. He encouraged us to love like God does, yet he was weak on the need for a changed heart, a new birth from above.

Bob Goff, speaks to the need to put love into action, to reach out and seek those who are hurting and love them. Sadly there are those in churches who miss the simple admonition of James to be “doers not just hearers.”

Our message of love must have the sequence of first coming to the Father through Christ, experience the change of heart that brings, then demonstrate that in giving up of ourselves for the benefit of others, love.

Our message must be love that comes from a heart changed by Jesus. Not a way to know jesus, not as a way to follow Jesus. Love is the result not the means.



  1. I “love” this one. Gonna send it on to a lot of friends. Mom

  2. Excellent article; you have explained this so well.

  3. True expressions of love are quite painful…towards the sinner for obvious reasons but even to God. It appears to me at the moment that love and sacrifice are intertwined so tightly that one may not love with out hurting in some way. Still thinking on this. Glad I ran into you.

  4. Not sure I would say that all true expressions of love are painful, or loving your spouse would not be a pleasant experience. Love is “choosing to care and find joy in another person’s welfare. Could this be painful, sure, ist it required no.

    I find great joy when my clients do better in their efforts than I ever did, no pain on my part other than hogging the glory, that is love.

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