Posted by: Terry | November 28, 2013

What I am most Thankful for this day in 2013

148911_10151602470298332_942158595_nThanksgiving 2013, not thinking of turkey, or even rugby this morning; but am thinking of what I really am thankful for.

I have more stuff than I need, a better job than I deserve, and a beautiful yard surrounding a comfortable home, I am thankful for it all. I have some great kids, and grandkids, my parents and sister are still with me, I am thankful for them all. Yet with each year the list of what I am grateful for, what matters most, grows more personal and less material.

My most valuable possession is the amazing goatskin bound Bible that is signed by the members of the class I teach. It reminds me of the wonderful people that God has allowed me to teach all these years, they have hung with me through a lot of ups and downs; they mean more to me than they will ever know. The Bible also reminds me of two good friends; one who orchestrated the whole gift, he is often behind the scenes, but always there; listening to my rants, giving advice, and accepting in the end. The other is my oldest friend who was with me when I first discovered the messages in this wonderful book.

The most important person in my life is Tricia. I could not imagine life without her. She forgives me when I do and say stupid things. She is the best companion you could ask for; we travel, hike, eat, and just hang out. Saturdays with her are the best time of the week. When she is gone the house is just empty, when she is here it is a home.

Most of all I am thankful for Jesus the Messiah and Lord. It is beyond comprehension that God implemented a plan that took centuries to work out, yet culminated in the Promised Messiah coming, living, and dying so that I could join a family and kingdom of others who need forgiveness and a new life. I wrote in the flyleaf of my Bible this year, “You will never understand that Jesus is all you need, until Jesus is all you have.”

Happy thanksgiving, I hope you spent it gratefully not going shopping,



  1. What a wonderful message. We are so blessed with our great family, He has given us ministries we use to spread the love of God. My familey is such a blessing. I am thankful for each one of you.

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