Posted by: Terry | April 21, 2014

Easter reminds me…

Easter reminds me that there is something out there bigger than the world I live in, bigger than my problems, bigger than the problems of the city, country and Earth that seem so daunting at times. and that something is a Someone, who created it all and loved it enough to implement a reconciliation process that will make everything right in the end.

Easter reminds me that while we journey on this damaged world we can and do see the brightness of the hand of God, shining out in contrast against the darkness that still engulfs us; and each glimmer is a promise of what is yet to come.

Each day’s providence, either in excess or just sufficient, is a reminder of the ultimate gift of Easter, that the promised Messiah did come, and lives today; and because he lives today I will live tomorrow.

Easter is proof of the forgiveness I experience for the wrongs I do, and compels me to forgive those who I would otherwise judge and condemn.

Easter gives the strength to continue striving to live a life worthy of the calling He has called me to, and to turn away from those things that are damaging and defaming to the relationship we have with the Father and Son.

For ultimately Easter proclaims clearly that God loved the world so much that he sent Jesus, Messiah and King, so that there is hope for the world, and forgiveness, renewal, and participation in the kingdom of God for all who believe, even me.


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