Posted by: Terry | June 24, 2014

Marriage is under attack, but it’s not about sex

The forces of evil – Satan and his minions – hate marriage. A significant portion of history is either influenced by or centered on the interactions, usually conflicts, between men and women. Even the most casual observer must conclude that something is not right; it is as if there was a concentrated assault on the relationship between the sexes.

In my lifetime alone the volatile issues have included: Homosexuality, abortion, divorce, mixed-race marriages, feminism. For centuries there has been male dominance and the subjection of women. Both women and men have deviated from the original relationship of Adam and Eve in so many ways; the result has been violence, pain, struggles for power, and exploitation.

To understand why the forces of evil hate marriage and all it represents, we must first understand why God loves marriage and what it does represent. The starting point is to grasp that it is not about sex or gender. When God created and connected the first man and woman it was not a sentimental romance movie. There was nothing romantic about it at all, that would come with time.

God formed a covenant relationship between two people that would result in their being his representatives on earth; they were to be the stewards and developers of the earth. The relationship between husband and wife would also demonstrate the relationship God desired to have with his people.

All aspects of this beautiful concept have been attacked and tarnished to the point of extreme ugliness. Is it any wonder that we have a distorted view of God when one of his primary object lessons has been so mangled? It is as if the Statue of Liberty, the iconic emblem of all that should be good in our nation, was covered with graffiti and profanity. The statue would still stand but the message would not be proclaimed.

At the end of God’s creative process he formed Adam and Eve:

  1. They were to be his representatives and stewards on the newly formed earth.
  2. They were uniquely fitted to be a team
  3. They were placed in a covenant relationship with each other and with God.

The bonding of man and woman into a unit is more than a sentimental romance novel. God made a man and then made a perfectly fitted partner; each complimented the other resulting in one unit perfectly suited to being God’s representative on earth. They were in a covenant relationship with God and each other and a visible object lesson of God and his people, Christ and his bride, the Church.

A marriage should demonstrate to the world how God works in the world, and how he wants to relate with his people. When we evaluate divorce, adultery, pre-marital sex, male domination, radical feminism, homosexuality, deviant sexual behavior, and any other divergence from what God established, the measure should be God’s original plan for marriage.

We have reduced the debate to sex and what feels good, to a personal right to be happy, and ultimately to whether or not God was fair in making some rules. The real issue is that he made man and woman to work in collaboration, and he made them the model of God and his people; what types of sex are approved is not the central issue.

Satan and the forces of evil have done all they can to turn the wonder of Adam and Eve – what could and should be the wonder of every couple – into a perverted picture. As we recover that original perspective we are forced to take a fresh look at our own relationships, and we are better able to face the issues of the day.




  1. This is an excellent insight what has is happening in regard to marriage.
    Thank youj Terry

    • Well it started happening in Genesis and has continued, it is certainly not new.

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