Posted by: Terry | October 6, 2015

In sync with the Father and the Kingdom

IMG_0151Boarding the plane the young boy was elated to find that he was sitting next to a pilot in uniform, he struggled to find the words to start a conversation with the pilot in a way that would convey he had an understanding of flight. “Isn’t it wonderful,” he began, “that we have finally conquered the air and made airplanes possible.”

Patiently the pilot responded, “Oh no, we have not conquered the air. For centuries man tried to build flying machines that would conquer the air, all of them ended in dismal failure. It was not until the Wright brothers figured out how to get in sync with the physical laws of aerodynamics that flight became possible. At just the right speed, with just the right shape of the wing, the air flow creates a vacuum that lifts the plane into the air. It is a simple thing with tremendous power.”

When Nicodemus approached Jesus with questions about God’s Kingdom on his mind, Jesus explained that there had to be a fundamental change in a person in order to be part of the Kingdom of God. All of Nicodemus’s education and effort left him with only more questions, and uncertainty. Jesus said you need a new kind of life, the life you come into this world with at birth will not work in the Kingdom of God, it takes a special kind of life, eternal life, everlasting life, or kingdom life.

Jesus explains later that this kingdom life is fed by him, he is the source of the water of life, he is the bread of life, this special life takes special nourishment. He tells us he is the vine, we are the branches and that we must draw on him to live.

What we need is a symbiotic relationship with the Father and the Son. He promises the “Spirit of Truth,… he lives with you and will be in you.” “Because I live, you also will live.” “I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you.”

Those of us who accept that Jesus is Messiah and Lord, who make it our desire to be his disciple, he brings us into his kingdom and gives us a new life so we can function in this symbiotic partnership of living out His Kingdom while on the earth.

Ours is not a life of waiting for some future kingdom, but bringing God’s kingdom to earth now. “Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” God is on his throne, “our citizenship is in heaven.” Humans were created to have dominion, and we all have a sphere of influence, or dominion. God designed us to be his representatives, managers, rulers, on this earth. That role has been tainted through sin and rebellion, and the life required to live in sync with God has been replaced with death. When we are reconciled with God he restores that life which allows us to once again take on our role as managers and rulers with him.

Our life as a disciple is one of living moment by moment in sync with the savior. What it is not is some kind of self-made attempt to serve him, asking for strength when our frailties surface. Moment by moment, hour by hour, day by day, our prayer is “am I in sync?” “Father, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”

The Father is in heaven and worthy of praise, we live each day trusting in his moment by moment providence, mending and maintaining relationships with those we come in contact with, asking for forgiveness and restoration when we fail, being on guard to maintain the holiness he gives.

Just as the airplane flies because it is operating in harmony with the laws of physics, we soar when we operate in harmony with the Father, when we bring our domain into sync with the Savior, the Spirit, and the Father; we are living life in the Kingdom.


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