Posted by: Terry | February 21, 2016

Cathedrals and worship

IMG_1936I am thinking today about the cathedrals, large and small, in Europe; there is no other place where I find it so easy to pray. I attend a church that has a huge, beautiful, stained glass back-drop behind the platform, The Cross surrounded by a dazzling array of colors. Yet I do not experience the same sense of awe and worship that I do in these ancient churches.

I long to be reminded of the wonder of God and the people he has touched. Redmann got it right, “it’s more than a song.” We don’t go to the alter to pray any more, and we protestants look down on “lighting a candle, yet I have prayed at alters all alone, and lit candles in the dark as I talked to God.

Sitting in a tiny cathedral that is perched high on a rocky cliff  is as close to God as I can imagine. There is no doubt in my mind that God is with me wherever I am, that he hears every prayer. But like Paul, I want to know him, to experience him, to feel his very presence. We need the quiet to hear his “still small voice.”


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