Posted by: Terry - theTravelsketcher | February 24, 2017

Coming to grips with a president I don’t like

Let me be clear, I am not happy with Donald Trump as president. He does not have the composure nor the values that I would like in a president. He has surrounded himself with many folks who’s values are diametrically opposed to mine. Over the last few weeks and months I have denounced, criticized, laughed at, and cried over the situation I see my country in. As I write this the news reports only deepen my disappointments and concerns for the direction we are taking. Yet it is time for me to align my values with my actions. So the question is: How does a professing Christian, who is faced with a president he finds offensive, respond and conduct himself?

First of all, Donald Trump IS my president. Last Monday, Presidents Day 2017, there were “Not My President” rallies. Well he is my president, I did not vote for him, Hillary did get 3 million more votes in the popular, the Electoral College system may need changing, the Russians and Comey/FBI may have influenced the election, yet according to the laws of the land Donald Trump is our president. I may not like it, but the reality is that he actually is the president.

One thing I know is that God is not surprised, over the centuries God has tolerated and even used some pretty un-godly folks, he can do that again. When all is said and done God’s ultimate plans will not be thwarted, though how Trump will fit into all that is a mystery to me.

Trump may be just what we deserve. Since the time of Nixon our nation has progressively become more and more divided. Extremes on both sides have shaped arguments and hindered any kind of moderate resolutions. It makes sense that a divisive president would emerge from a divided populace.

I don’t like it, but he is my president. Denial does not change the reality. Robert Ringer said, “Reality is the way things are, not the way I wish they were. We either use reality to our advantage or it automatically works against us.”

Since he is my president I will pray for him. Last Sunday, Mother Cynthia at St. Hilda’s church said that anyone can pray for the people they love and support, but as Christians we must follow Jesus’ example and pray for those we don’t. “Prayer is love put into action.” She said that when we pray for those we would rather hate it is us that are changed.

If anyone needs prayer it is Trump. Paul prayed for Nero, he told us to pray for our leaders as well. Notice that it was not so they would change their policies, it was so that we could live in peace. I need peace, so I will pray.

As believers in the Christ we profess that God changes people and directs circumstances. Prayer is an expression of my faith that God will in fact work his plan – so I will pray.

Next, I will not call him names, nor ridicule him. I have done this and am not proud of it. Jesus may have called the Pharisees names, but that was because they were in a position to lead people to God and instead they drove them away. When Jesus talked to Pilate at his trial leading to crucifixion he was respectful.

I must admit that I am not sure what to do with Saturday Night Live, and other political humor. A bit of humor is a good thing, yet I am sure there is a time when it is too much. I am still considering this part of name calling. At the least I personally will try to refrain from demeaning this person who is so easy to mock.

I will not resist just for the sake of resisting, I will focus on issues. I was critical of the Republicans during the term of Obama because their primary objective was to oppose anything he did. It was petty and it prevented progress. I may not like Trump as a person but if the White House proposes something that I support then I will support it. If we oppose everything just because we oppose him as a person, we lower ourselves to to the same level the Republicans were in, I don’t want to go there. I do not plan to accept and thus by default approve of everything that is said and done, I will speak out when I see what is not right or does not make sense, yet will do so with substance.

Jesus told Pilate that his kingdoms was not of this world, since I am part of his kingdom this world is not mine. I either believe that or I don’t. If I believe that, and believe that my vocation is to exhibit the characteristics of God’s kingdom, to influence the people I meet, then I must live differently. “We are ambassadors for Christ”, representing Christ in this world, for me, that is this country. Jesus accepted the harsh Roman rulers, his detractors wanted him to overthrow them, he did not. Jesus treated all with respect, he prayed, he touched people with the love of God.

I may continue to grieve at what I read, get angry and frustrated, this I know. Yet, quoting Mother Cynthia again, “Prayer is love in action.” We need love. So I pray for myself, my country, and my president.



  1. Thank you God for answered prayer.

  2. But do not misunderstand me, I do not agree with anything Trump stands for, and his values and actions are against all I believe as a Christian. Yet I must pray for him

  3. You made that quite clear, my prayer was and is for you and Tricia to not let anger over the election cause you such unhappiness. God is still in control and He has his reasons for the results.

  4. Thank you for that, I was hoping that was what it was, and was pretty sure it was.

  5. Your welcome, wether we agree or not, WE love you, let’s keep the prayers going for each other..

  6. Goes both ways for sure.

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