About TLC

 Welcome to Tea With God. I am Terry Christopherson and this is where I have the privalge of expressing thoughts and study as I walk with God.

My desire is that you will take time to:

  • Sit down with God and have a cup of tea as you talk to him, your best friend and savior.
  • That you will have a cup of tea as you read and meditate on the Bible, God’s message for life.
  • That you will sit down with a cup of tea with friends and family.

 Visit my other blog Pen Ink and Paint, where I capture the beauty of God’s creation in art

I pay the bills by teaching management skills and a coach for  public speaking
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Thank you for visiting, leave a comment or a blessing, I hope you visit again,


lbh-cover-compressed-for-webLet it be Hot! How to handle life’s problems

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Let it be Hot! is a parable about a man who gets lost in the Sangre de Cristo desert. He meets a prospector who teaches him to eat spicy food and teaches him about life.

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  1. Terry,

    Boy, oh, Boy! Your blog posts have hit me between the eyes this evening. I continue to be offered people and experiences to help me grow spiritually. This particular lesson is being repeated; intensified with each repetition. It’s a hard lesson for me to understand, therefore a hard transition for me to make in my spiritual growth. I’ll be remembering especially the latest four, or so, posts tomorrow when I return to work. Thank you!

    I hope this finds you and yours well and happy!

  2. Terry,

    As a participant in your MDP class today, I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your pointing out to everyone that one should base their decisions on one’s values. My values are based upon God and His instruction. I’m glad to read that yours are, as well.

    God Bless you and care for you and your family.

    The Table Mover 🙂

    • Thanks for the kind words, do keep in touch and visit here from time to time

  3. Terry,
    Attened your creativity seminar yesterday. It was wonderful! Thank you. I’m a new believer and God conintues to “show up” in my life in so many amazing ways – you and your sharing of this blog is just another way He is showing me the way. Thank you! I am so enjoying your posts.

    Amy Y.

  4. Terry,
    I forgot to mention that I also really like your art!

    Thanks again for sharing.

  5. Hey Terry,
    Thank you for coming out to 211 and sharing your expertise with us. I know it was very useful and for me, it was a blast!! My QA buddies also were equally excited about you and your training skills. I do hope you can come out again and do more trainings for us, God knows our agency needs it. You’re good my friend!!
    Thanks for sending this link. My wife and I are also believers and it is a blessing to have someone like yourself sharing the word. I enjoyed looknig at your art work as well. Good stuff!! Thanks again and I hope to see you again sometime. For now, Peace.

    Im sending my personal email below.

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